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Prayer FAQ

Why this prayer ministry?
We believe that prayer is the power station behind any fruitful ministry. The need for every church and Christian ministry to flourish is always before us, so prayer should be always be offered to God to sustain and grow God’s work.

Are you praying for revival? If so, what do you mean by that?
Yes, a common goal for every church and ministry involved in the Henderson County Prayer Movement is to pray for revival. We believe the Church (God’s people) must be awakened (revived). Revival is about the church coming alive, which then will impact our community and the world. We use the word, revival, in this context, to refer to a broad-scale awakening. It must begin with individuals, and it must occur in individual congregations—but we are praying for it to spread like fire throughout our county and across the land.

What is the difference between the prayer movement
and the prayer ministry?

The prayer ministry is our organized and prayerful effort to unite around God’s call to prayer. The prayer movement is what God does, through His Holy Spirit, to inspire and motivate prayer. We can do nothing without the Lord’s guidance and power, and revival or awakening can only come if God moves with His sovereign hand to bring it.

Why a Prayer Watch for the county?
History demonstrates the strength of ongoing prayer. Based on Isaiah 62:6-7, we aim to have ongoing prayer over the county as a protection from spiritual forces of darkness and as a continual power source for God’s kingdom to be advanced.

Why regular countywide prayer gatherings?
The Scriptures are packed with promises about the power of united prayer. These countywide gatherings are being called Concerts of Prayer to create a link to the historic term given by Jonathan Edwards in 1747 that helped birth the First Great Awakening in America. We are praying for an awakening today as well, the coming alive of all believers to the glory of God in the face of Christ.

Are the prayer watch and prayer gatherings focused
on our county only, or on the whole world?

We are praying for both our local ministries and county, and also for the world. The awakening of the Church is the first and greatest thing that can happen for the evangelization of the world.

Are all churches and ministry leaders encouraged
to be part of this prayer movement?

Yes, all are encouraged to join. The leadership of the movement is comprised of Christians who subscribe to the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) statement of faith, found here.

How do I get involved?
You are welcome to attend our monthly Pastors and Prayer Coordinator’s gatherings, every first Monday, at 12:30 PM. Please check this website for location (we move it between churches each quarter). We need all the intercessors we can get. Also, read the website to learn how you can encourage your church or ministry to become an active part.



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